Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wow it is not easy being a woman...

These are just some of the challenges my lovely followers have identified:
How to deal with coarse grey hairs.
Don't be tempted to pluck these hairs, that will stimulate the hair follicle, resulting in further growth and they will become thicker and stick up as they grow through.  Go to a salon for a colour treatment or if you are experienced or brave try a product from the chemist for an all over colour.

How to recover from over plucked eyebrows.
I am afraid this one is not an overnight solution, you need to be patient and step away from the tweezers until you have some regrowth (approx 6 weeks) and then visit a threading expert at an eyebrow bar where they will be able to shape you back into beautiful.
How to tame fine flyaway hair.
Kerastase have some fab products and as the owner of the fine, tangled hair I use volumactive products including; shampoo, conditioner and styling spray to keep it working for the whole day.

How to find time to put on makeup and not look like a clown (really???)
A quick sweep over the face with a foundation brush with tinted moisturiser will give your skin an even beautiful glow.  A touch of concealer under the eye, a sweep of mascara and a cream blush applied just to the apples of your cheeks, will give you a natural looking groomed look.  Honestly this will take less than 5 minutes and you will feel ready to face the world.
Good luck

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  1. Ha ha the presentation expert we met on Friday suggested I go for thicker eyebrows. No miracle cure there then, eeek! Thanks though, now I know how it's achieved I will be mainly staying in during April. Or drawing on comedy ones for screen appearances.
    Great tips.