Thursday, 17 February 2011

My First TV Appearance

Well as I always say, 'present yourself everyday as if you are going to be on TV' well that day has come...
I have just finished filming for The Vanessa Show on Channel 5 and it will be aired tomorrow (Friday 18th February) at 11am.  I had a de-clutter expert in my home helping me, well de-clutter!

As much as I can keep my wardrobe fabulous, it is the rest of the house which suffers, it seems we can't both look good, it's me or the house!
It was fun and productive, I now have to keep the momentum up and not stuff everything back in the spare room.

Vanessa Feltz makes TV presenting looks soooooo easy, she is amazing and made us feel so at home, hmmm yes I think I could get used to this - oh sorry I was drifting off into a celebrity day dream.  Where was I oh yes, the oh so natural Vanessa and her super charming fiance, what a cutie Ben is.

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