Saturday, 8 January 2011

Three Reasons to be Cheerful

1.  In bed on a Saturday night before 9pm, silk
pillowcases, (anti ageing) and electric blanket (I think I have already aged!) with my gorgeous husband and our lovely children tucked up in their own beds, oh how Saturday nights pleasures have changed. 
2.  To be starting the year healthy and happy, with loads to look forward to (see my goals) including a marathon on the North Downs for my dear friends' brother who is suffering with Motor Neurones Disease.

    3.  My blog writing is becoming a real part of my life, it is fun and my lovely followers have given me the confidence to pursue this area.
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    Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart


    1. Hi, Lovely to meet you. Thanks for joining in. Great reasn to be cheerful. I know what you mean about the blog becoming a part of your life and your followers boosting you!

      Hope to see you again next week, Mich x

    2. Those are fantastic reasons to be cheerful! Im pleased I found your blog--its very attractive and I can always use a beauty tip or two!! I had no idea silk pillowcases are anti-ageing...must go find some...

      Im a follower now, looking forward to coming back for more x