Friday, 7 January 2011

Best Beauty Apps for Ipad/iphone

These are great fun or maybe I just don't get out enough!  Let me know what you think and BTW they are all FREE.

Stila:  Choose your complexion and hair colour and add make up for your own look and shop too - what's not to love?

iPur: Upload a photo of yourself on your iphone, then your face comes up and you apply make up, choosing your own colours until you are happy with the look.  Then start all over again!

Modiface:  This is soooo much fun, you can use it for a makeover as above BUT I love the anti ageing/ageing tool and hair colour change too.  The scary part is the weight gain tool, which is encouraging me to stay on my post festive period healthy eating plan - it was not a pretty sight!


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