Friday, 3 December 2010

Your winter Dilemmas Solved - Yes there are more!

"My winter beauty dilemma is dry lips. Every blimming year"

Dry lips, need protecting from the cold weather and need moisturising and the best inexpensive product to tackle both these jobs is plain old Vaseline. Don't be put off by the simple packaging this old favourite really does work and can be found in all pharmacies. Click here for 50 uses for your new found all rounder Vaseline.

"My skin is the biggest problem breaks out like crazy because of dryness and no sun"

Modern day heating and no sun are a recipe for dry skin and breakouts. The best way to treat this prob is from within. By this I mean taking vitamins for your skin, the vitamin you need is vitamin E, in oil form or my preferred choice is in capsule/tablet form. Buy a good quality product see here. The benefits are clearing breakouts by unclogging pores resulting in far fewer breakouts, accelerating the skins healing process and it helps keep skin youthful to boot. Wishing you glowing skin throughout the winter.
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"My winter beauty dilemma is brittle nails, it seems that as soon as the weather changes my nails just shatter. In the summer my nails are fab but in winter they are a nightmare"

I feel your pain on the brittle nail dilemma, my miracle cure is Duri Rejuvacote this base & top coat will heal and cure your brittle, split and cracked nails in a matter of weeks. It is clear, so can be worn alone or under or over your polish. Here's to beautiful nails. x

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  1. Thanks for the tip Anna, I will get some Duri and give it a try xx Jude xx