Thursday, 30 December 2010

My New Years Resolutions 2011

Having taken part in Claire Portis' Life Coaching Workshop a few weeks ago I have learned that goal setting is far more successful 
than traditional New Year's Resolutions.  
Claire's workshop is named "I Wish, I Can, I Will" 
and this name was dreamt up by Claire 
whilst lying on her sun lounger wishing she could do a marathon.  
She is an inspiration because Claire then ran the London Marathon 
(with some 'Can' 'Will' and a LOT of training in between!)

Apparently by telling other people our goals i.e YOU and by writing the goals down, we have a far higher chance of achieving said goals.
So here goes with my New Years Resolutions (AKA Goals): 

1.  To keep up with my favourite exercise classes; kettle bells, Resistance Table Pilates & Running once a week.  I am aiming to walk a marathon on the North Downs in April for my best friends' brother who is suffering with Motor Neurones Disease.  I am also running a half marathon in May.  Definitely time for me to locate my running trainers.

It is easy to get stagnated in your schedule, this year why not try something different like my kettle bells sessions, which are only half an hour twice a week and with a great group of girls, what more could you want?!  I know, I know a sofa and a TV but come on 'no pain no gain' and all that.  
Read more on GB Personal Training, they have a great members section with workouts to do at home.
2.  To detox, detox, detox, now it's fair to say I wholly overindulged over the festive period, BUT imagine my surprise when I had piled on half a stone (yes 7 whole lbs) Urghhh.  I think I NEED the 'evolution diet' which is to be followed for 30 days, I'm not quite sure about depriving myself of drinking tea, so may be doing my own variation (sorry GB boys)!  You can read all about this and follow the good and bad foods guide for a healthier more svelte you for 2011.
3.  To give blood regularly, I have just looked at the link, entered my postcode and found out that my local centre is open on 4th January 2011, so that's where I will be on Tuesday.
4.  To present myself everyday as if I am going to be on television (or bump into an ex!)  I feel more confident and perform better if I look my best.  
Right I really must go and have a spray tan.
I would LOVE to hear yours, please leave comments below 
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  1. I love the present yourself as if you R going to be on TV aim. I do make-up and hair every day even if I'm not leaving the house...after all you never know who is going to come to the door!

  2. I just went to give blood - hooray I am doing well so far on my resolutions. Thankfully I kept my 'present yourself as if you are going to be on TV' resolution because who'd have known there was a hottie Nurse attending to me - phew!

  3. I don't think I've made any new year's resolutions yet. I suppose my first resolution should be to come up with some resolutions! : )