Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Enhance your Eye Colour

"I would like to know the best eye shadow colours to enhance Blue eyes, also is black kohl on the inner rim of the eye a big no no." Jadlgw (Latest GIVEAWAY winner).

To enhance your eye colour choose an eye shadow which contrasts with your own eye colour, matching your iris will only result in the eyeshadow showing.
Would you display an amethyst on a purple background?

For blue eyes, opt for browns and taupes.  I like Nars Blondie and Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes, which comes with an application guide and a concealer. 
For brown eyes, slate blues and navy look great.
For green eyes apply mauves and liliacs.
As for black kohl for inner rims of eyes I prefer to apply black cream eyeliner with a brush just on the outside of the rim touching on the lashes to give them a more dramatic look.

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  1. Do you know I never ever realised this - though now it seems so obvious. I have been matching my green eyes with olive eyeshadows for years! Thanks for the tip. x