Monday, 15 November 2010

Present yourself as if you are going to be on TV EVERYDAY

Why is it that the day I don't put full make up and my favourite outfit on, is the day I bump into an ex boyfriend?  Mind you, he does have 19 years on me and I guess the fact that I gave up smoking and my party days many years ago went in my favour.

I know I function better if I have fab hair, great skin and a fantastic outfit, so tomorrow I will be donning my J Brand Houlihans, Belstaff boots, Tod's sunglasses and stage makeup - you think it is a little much for the school run? Nahhh.
Love me


  1. Just a quick thank you for joining BMB so that I could find out about your blog

  2. That's so funny and so true. The days I've trotted around town with no make-up, hair in a pony tail and wearing "comfy" clothes are the days I've ALWAYS bumped into people I haven't seen in years and like to look good for or people I fancy. Have had to duck behind displays in M&S to avoid being seen. Maybe just looking presentable would be easier!