Sunday, 28 November 2010

Fabulous Beauty GIVEAWAY!....

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This is a fabulous Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer 
This fabulous product doesn't just cover up blemishes but clears them up too.   I don't know about you - but anything that does two jobs at the same time is a friend of mine! 

You can check out all the fab details of this beauty product at 

To enter - 
follow me (if you aren't already) and leave a comment with your winter fashion or beauty dilemma...

For extra entries (max 3) please put this link on your tweet mentioning the competition and share on Facebook for your 3rd chance of winning. Please let me know you have done these and I will put your extra entries in! 

Last entries by midnight Monday 6th December and I will announce the winner on Tuesday 7th December at 10am! Good luck!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Winter, update your Style

OMG, what an amazing fashion and beauty extravaganza I had at Harvey Nichols last night.  I came away with a beautiful black shiny feather down Armani coat - tailored to pinch in at the waist you understand, so as not to look like the Michelin man.

As we are forecasted snow in London tomorrow I thought it time to get a coat which resembles a duvet and is stylish too.  I am a big fan of coats, they can make or break an outfit and we always aim for the former, always have a choice of coats, rather than a one style fits all, because it doesn't.

Another basic not to skimp on, to pull a look together, is a good foundation, my faves for different reasons are: Creme De La Mer Treatment Fluid Foundation SPF 15 (for everday, very natural glow) Chantecaille Future Skin (for evening, glamourous glow) Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (for training, stays put even when sweating).  I treated myself to the Chantecaille Future Skin (SpaceNK counter) in a slightly lighter shade for winter, it is now a good time to restock your make up bag with winter shades.

Red lips are all go for winter (think Mad Men)  my choice is Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle, with the Chanel lip liner in Rouge of course.  Once you dare to go red you will not go back until the spring time, it is easier to wear than you might think.  The only thing you need is the confidence believe in your look - go on you won't regret it!
Love for now xxx

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Current Beauty Dilemma

I now have beautiful feet with red toe nails, thanks to Lyndsey who comes to my house.   However it is 6 degrees centigrade outside and I have flip flops on.  What to do freeze or smudge? I think I will risk wrapping my toes in cling film/plastic wrap and make a note to myself not to wear a skirt on pedicure days ;-)) 

I am heading to the Harvey Nichols exclusive champagne shopping evening tonight so click on the 'FOLLOW' button and I will keep you posted on any purchases, tips and news.  Love me xxx

Friday, 19 November 2010

From sweaty mess to photo shoot

OK so after school drop off it was straight to Kettle Bells fitness class, which I do twice a week in a friends’ garden with a group of girlfriends.  Then next stop was over to the local Age Concern building with the fundraising proceeds we raised at a recent Christmas Fair event.  There we were to have photos taken for the local paper.  All sounds simple so far, right?  The only problem is that there is no time in between to get showered or changed and as you know from my previous post, I MUST dress everyday as if I will be on TV (or in the local paper of course). 

I had asked our trainer to give us a non-sweaty workout, but I guess that is a contradiction in terms.  I managed it this way; French Connection black treggings (trouser jeggings, stretchy enough to squat and lunge in) and workout top and trainers, with Belstaff boots and black Cashmere Joseph jumper to transform the look into photo shoot wear!  My full make-up only ran a little and if it looks OK from a distance I will post the photo when it comes out next week.

My message today is slot in some regular exercise  (don’t groan) for looking and feeling young and at your best.  The good news is you don’t have to go running for an hour. In fact another piece of good news is that long distance running is aging; gravity takes it’s toll on your face and you are not even burning fat, quite the opposite, it encourages your body to store fat.   You only need to do 20 minutes 3 times a week and the rest days are just as important as your workout days.  The more muscle tone you have the more calories you will be burning during those resting days - now that is good news.  If you can find a group of girlfriends to do it with, it doubles up as a social event, there are many times I attend my Kettle Bell sessions just to see my friends. 

That’s all for now, love me. xxx

Monday, 15 November 2010

Present yourself as if you are going to be on TV EVERYDAY

Why is it that the day I don't put full make up and my favourite outfit on, is the day I bump into an ex boyfriend?  Mind you, he does have 19 years on me and I guess the fact that I gave up smoking and my party days many years ago went in my favour.

I know I function better if I have fab hair, great skin and a fantastic outfit, so tomorrow I will be donning my J Brand Houlihans, Belstaff boots, Tod's sunglasses and stage makeup - you think it is a little much for the school run? Nahhh.
Love me

Sunday, 14 November 2010

If we don't look after ourselves then who will?

Having surrounded myself with wonderful people I have been requested  by one of these wonderful people to review a US manuscript for Susan Matthews  (American Beauty guru).  This project has given me the inspiration to share my beauty, fashion and health tips to help us lot over the pond look as good as them (without the surgery, you understand).

So my initial tip is just that – LOOK AFTER YOURSELF.
I like the analogy of the only part of the aeroplane safety speel I have been lucky enough to need, ‘put our own oxygen mask on first before helping others’. 

So stay tuned to pick up some easy to follow ways to look after yourself, which in turn will make you look and feel fabulous.